Technician Apprenticeship approved for development

By 15th February 2018 June 25th, 2018 News
Worker in energy control room

A new level 3 Apprenticeship Standard for professional technicians in higher education has been approved for development by the Institute for Apprenticeships.

The Professional HE Assistant Technician Apprenticeship Standard will enable Universities to train apprentices to be the next generation of technical staff.

Professional HE Assistant Technicians will work in Universities in settings covering Applied Science (including Medicine), Engineering, Arts and Humanities, where appropriate working across traditional boundaries to meet the needs of both the development and delivery of leading edge research and teaching.

It is critical for HEIs and partnering industries to have entry level technicians that have a multi-disciplinary understanding. This is needed to support the many research projects that involve more than one discipline.

The new Standard will have three options covering Applied Science, Engineering and Arts and Humanities. Each field requires additional bespoke technical skills to be learned, understood and mastered.

This standard ensures that the apprentice will have the necessary skills, experience, professional recognition and relevant qualification to enable them to apply for and work across the HE Section. It will also provide a bridgeable gap so they can move to a different area of the business or sector.

The Apprenticeship will include substantial training and last for between 18 – 24 months.

Please check our website for regular updates on this Standard as it develops and for further information please contact Chris Turgoose on