The unsung heroes of the lab

By 29th November 2018 Blog, News

NTDC is recognised in a new article by Chemistry World for it’s work with employers and the technical community:

“Creating a community. The National Technician Development Centre for Higher Education in Sheffield aims to do just that. Launched in January 2018, the centre provides universities with another resource to enable them to create a sustainable future for their technical services. The centre’s expertise is available to all UK universities and helps them plan their future strategy for technical services.

Croft says the centre starts by helping universities identify their technical workforce. ‘We quite often go into universities and they say to us “we have 300 technicians,” and when we’ve finished they’ve got 500!’ It then works to ensure the university fosters its technician community. ‘A senior technician who looks after teaching in the school of chemistry has never really spoken to the senior technicians in charge of delivering teaching in biological sciences – but they have the same problems and the same issues,’ explains Croft. ‘We create a technicians network within a university which is run by technicians so a high number engage with it because it starts to get them to realise what contribution they are making.’”