NTDC attends Bradford University’s Technician Commitment Event

By 6th June 2019 June 26th, 2019 Blog, Events
NTDC team members and Bradford University team

Photo (from left):  Carol Vickers, Head of Faculty Operations at the University of Bradford, Dr Sara Bacon, NTDC Centre Manager, Ian Tidmarsh, NTDC Specialist Advisor, Jared Carnie, NTDC Operations Manager and Skills Audit Officer, Simon Breedon, NTDC Specialist Advisor, Nigel Hulley, Director of Technical Services, Faculty of Engineering and Informatics at the University of Bradford.

Members of the NTDC team were delighted to attend the University of Bradford’s Technician Commitment event on the 4th of June.

Centre Manager Dr Sara Bacon, Operations Manager Jared Carnie, and Specialist Advisor Ian Tidmarsh attended the event, which was designed for University of Bradford technicians to find out more about Technician Commitment plans at Bradford.

After opening remarks from Professor Martin Priest, Dean Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, and Professor John Bridgeman, PVC, Dr Simon Breeden from the University of York spoke about the Technician Commitment, how it has been implemented at York and how the NTDC has supported York in their efforts to date.

Once Simon had completed his presentation, Jared told the technicians about the background and current work of the NTDC, and Ian presented the Careers Pathway work that he has been carrying out in Bradford – before answering questions from the technicians.

A break for lunch allowed for some networking and gave technicians the chance to post comments and questions on the boards around the room.

The afternoon session involved participation from all the technicians on their thoughts and ideas for the main themes of the Technician Commitment; visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability. This promoted lots of discussion around areas on internal and external visibility, networking possibilities, apprentice training and resulted in full flip charts detailing everyone’s views to help define an action plan.

Thanks to Nigel Hulley, Carol Vickers and Tim Squire-Watt for their help. We look forward to continuing to work with the University of Bradford as our Partner Affiliates and supporting them on their Technician Commitment journey.