Technicians’ Good News Stories from the Fight Against Covid-19 – Part 3

By 8th April 2020 March 20th, 2023 Blog

We are collecting our favourite good news stories to celebrate the incredible work of technicians in the fight against Covid-19. This post is Part 3 – click here to read Part 1, and here to read Part 2! If you have any stories you’d like to share with us, please contact or tweet us @NTDCtweets.

If you need help distributing resources to frontline staff, or are in need of resources, please see here for more information.

Newcastle University – PCR Machines, Staff & More!

Newcastle University has joined the fight against Covid-19 and donated 7 qPCR machines to the testing centre at Milton Keynes. These machines were amongst other equipment and instruments generously donated to the cause.

They have also sent staff from their Faculty of Medical Sciences to the COVID-19 screening facility at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital. They also set up a taxi service for screening staff at the Freeman Hospital to reduce their need for public transport.


Mercedes Formula 1 Team to Build CPAP Machines

Engineers from UCL and doctors at University College London hospital have developed a new continuous positive airway pressure device, which is claimed to be an improvement on existing Cpap systems. The device has been approved by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, and Mercedes Formula One Team took less than 100 hours from their first meeting to produce the first model.


Technicians Still Making It Happen at Aston University

At Aston University, technical collages in Pharmacy have been manufacturing sanitiser to the WHO recipe and distributing it across campus and beyond.

Technicians from across the university came together to collect spare PPE and medical supplies including saline IV bags, paracetamol and Calpol. These were all personally delivered to the Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospitals.


Northumbria Donating Ventilators, Beds and More!

Northumbria University have donated the use of crucial equipment such as ventilators, Dinamaps, hospital beds and qPCR machines to the NHS and the British Army to join the national fight against Covid-19.

To help prepare additional staff to care for patients with Covid-19, they are also working with the NHS to provide Critical Care Upskilling via webinars that cover management of acute conditions found in healthcare settings.