Technicians’ Good News Stories from the Fight Against Covid-19 – Part 4

By 17th April 2020 April 24th, 2020 Blog

We are collecting our favourite good news stories to celebrate the incredible work of technicians in the fight against Covid-19. This post is Part 4 – click here to read Part 1here to read Part 2, or click here to read Part 3! If you have any stories you’d like to share with us, please contact or tweet us @NTDCtweets.

If you need help distributing resources to frontline staff, or are in need of resources, please see here for more information.

Imperial College Academics Design Low Cost Emergency Ventilator

Imperial academics have designed a simple emergency ventilator that can be manufactured quickly and at low cost from generic components. Because the ventilator uses off-the-shelf components, its parts can in principle be sourced more quickly and at lower cost than proprietary components. The team estimates the cost of the components in the UK at £1,000 – £1,500. The design also makes it possible to avoid supply bottlenecks since equivalent parts may be available from a variety of manufacturers.

University of York Make Face Shields for NHS Hospital Trusts

Technicians from the University of York are producing personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline workers as part of the national response to Covid-19. Staff from the departments of Biology and Archaeology have already produced 600 face shields using laser cut recyclable plastic, and have plans to produce more in the coming weeks.

Technicians BioArCh Laboratory Manager, Matthew Von Tersch and Biology Research Workshop Manager, Mark Bentley are supporting the cooperative.


Glasgow University to Host New Covid-19 Testing Facility

Glasgow University will host a major coronavirus testing facility to boost national efforts to combat the pandemic. The laboratory, which is supported by the Scottish government and industry experts, will begin analysing samples in mid-April. Based on the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital campus it will provide for “substantially more” Covid-19 tests.

Glasgow University vice principal Prof Dame Anna Dominiczak, said: “The World Health Organisation has been clear that testing is essential to push back the spread of this new coronavirus. […] I am incredibly grateful to all colleagues who have volunteered their time, expertise and skills for this testing facility.”


Surviving Isolation – Tops from Astronaut Helen Sharman with the RSC

Dr Helen Sharman, CMG OBE CChem HonFRSC, the first British astronaut, is no stranger to isolation, uncertainty, and confined spaces. As many of us around the globe prepare for several weeks of lockdown, Helen has shared her top tips for keeping spirits up, staying connected, and making the most of a difficult situation with the Royal Society of Chemistry. You can read the full article here.