The University of Southampton has become an NTDC Partner Affiliate

By 24th February 2021 News

The University of Southampton is joining the National Technician Development Centre as a Partner Affiliate.

The University of Southampton is an exceptional place to work and study where people achieve remarkable things. It is a world-leading, research intensive university, with a strong educational offering, renowned for it’s innovation and enterprise. As we navigate the health and economic shockwaves of Covid-19 the importance of our people, both staff and students is brought into sharp focus. And despite the ongoing challenges we are delighted to become a Partner Affiliate and support our technical staff in this way.

Kevin Smith, Production Facilities Manager, Engineering said:

“We welcome the support of the NTDC in our institutionally wide efforts to improve the career development, recognition, sustainability and visibility of our highly skilled technical staff and services.”

Nicola Pratt, Senior Marine Biology Technician, Ocean and Earth Science commented:

“I am excited to hear about becoming a Partner Affiliate of the NTDC. Access to their resources, such at the NTDC Toolkit, will help our Technician Commitment Implementation Group learn more about our technical community and how best to support it, and will assist us in fulfilling the actions set out in our Technician Commitment action plan.”

And Ben Coles, Clinical Neurosciences Laboratory Manager, Clinical and Experimental Sciences, said:

“It’s fantastic to be partners with the NTDC in delivering change for our dedicated technical staff at the University of Southampton. I am particularly enthusiastic about using the NTDC’s experience with developing technical networks to support our technical community and deliver on our action plan to raise the visibility of technicians and highlight the valuable contributions they make to research, teaching and the wider University.” 

Natalie Kennerley, Director of the NTDC said:

“We are excited that the University of Southampton have become a partner affiliate of the NTDC. We look forward to working with them to support the development and sustainability of their technical workforce. We are also delighted that the University of Southampton will be undertaking our Technicians Survey, to support and enable their workforce planning and help them get the most out of their technical workforce.”