Apprenticeship Case Study: Lizzie Adshead

By 17th March 2021 Blog
“The freedom of my apprenticeship allows me to upskill myself”  
Hear about Level 3 Makers Apprentice Lizzie and her experiences so far…

National Apprentice Week provided us with the opportunity to celebrate the positive impact of degree apprenticeships, and Manchester Metropolitan University kindly offered us this story. 

As part of the #NAW2021 campaign, they caught up with Level 3 Makers Apprentice Lizzie Adshead, to discover about her experiences and skills that she has developed through her apprenticeship so far.

This is what she said.

What have you enjoyed most about your apprenticeship?

“I’ve enjoyed the freedom to develop my skills in practical areas the most. In the Makers department there are six workshops (woodwork, metalwork, Campsuite, bookbinding, glass, and print) and I’ve been inducted into all of them. 

This has allowed me to go on and do self-directed projects in these workshops. It has provided me with invaluable skills in different processes, tools, machinery and how to work the different materials.

The freedom of my apprenticeship allows me to go into different areas and upskill myself.” 

What impact has the apprenticeship had on you personally?

“I have gained a lot of confidence in myself during the first year and a half of this apprenticeship. A lot of this has come from the support from the team I work in. They have been really friendly and welcoming towards me and has given me the confidence to really push myself in different areas. 

It’s nice to be surrounded by like-minded people.

Also, other off the job projects that I’ve been involved in has included giving presentations, which has improved the way I communicate with other people.”

How have you found your studies and practical work?

“As part of my apprenticeship, I am attending college one day a week for my qualification which is a Level 3 Engineering Drafts Person Design. It has been challenging this year as we have been covering stuff that I haven’t touched upon since high school but I’d say it’s going well so far, mainly due to the support from the teachers at the Trafford College.

Overall, the studies on the apprenticeship is interesting. Its hard work but you see the positive outcome of it quite quickly.”  

What would you say to anyone considering doing an apprenticeship?  

“I would say that if you are someone who struggles to memorise a lot of information, which is how they deliver a lot of classes in high school, then an apprenticeship is a really good idea. 

The skills you pick up are on the job by listening to experienced people which is enjoyable and interesting.

I’d also say, consider how you’d balance the study side of it and the on the job learning. It can get overwhelming but if you plan out your time well, it’s definitely achievable.”  

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