Apprenticeship Case Study: Arber Binjaku

By 14th April 2021 Blog
“It never gets old, so it’s perfect”  
Level 3 Creative Venue Technician apprentice Arber shares his experiences so far…

National Apprentice Week provided us with the opportunity to celebrate the positive impact of degree apprenticeships, and Manchester Metropolitan University kindly offered us this story. 

As part of the #NAW2021 campaign, they caught up with Level 3 Creative Venue Technician apprentice Arber Binjaku to hear about their experiences so far.

What have you enjoyed most about doing your apprenticeship at Manchester Met?

“As I work in the Theatre, Performance Team, and the Galleries, it’s always a different day when you walk in. There is always a different task to do, and for me I like to stay active and do new things.”

“It never gets old, so it’s perfect.”

What impact has the apprenticeship had on you personally?

“Seeing how a big organisation like Manchester Met works, has helped me understand about the structure that needs to be in place in organisations and how teams interact with one another; including management.”

“Also, English is my second language, so my apprenticeship has improved my level of communication a lot.”

How have you found your studies and practical work?

“It has been unfortunate that we have had to do this apprenticeship during the pandemic but having some more free time means we have learned a lot more. We are way ahead of schedule in terms of tasks we have to do which has allowed me the capacity to learn new things.”

“In terms of practical stuff, I had the opportunity to see how a new theatre gets put in place, being that we opened a new Arts & Humanities building this year. I believe that this was a once in a lifetime experience and it’s been awesome.”

What would you say to anyone considering doing an apprenticeship?

“If you enjoy being on your feet and being active you should find something that you like and see if there is an apprenticeship you can do. You will learn a lot more that way.”

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