New technicians gallery opens this autumn

By 16th June 2022 Blog, News

The Science Museum is set to open interactive technicians gallery


A new interactive gallery that allows visitors to step into the world of technicians will open this autumn.

The Science Museum has collaborated with Marvel Studios, the NHS, National Grid and the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre to create interactive exhibits which mimic the tasks technicians perform every day.

Technicians play a fundamental but often unseen role in our everyday lives. The Technicians: David Sainsbury Gallery enables visitors to discover stories from technicians working behind the scenes to save lives, make energy greener, provide entertainment, and create everyday items we couldn’t imagine life without.

Guests will get the chance to experience what it’s like to create visual effects on a blockbuster film set, analyse blood samples in a medical laboratory, operate a robot in a manufacturers workshop, fix a fault atop a wind turbine, as well as explore many other tech services that ensure day-to-day efficiency.


The gallery will open from 3rd November 2022. If you are a technician who is interested in supporting the Technicians: David Sainsbury Gallery, get in touch with by the end of July 2022.