Making the most of unspent research culture funding

By 22nd June 2022 Blog, News

Exploring technical training opportunities with HEaTED


Recently, colleagues in some universities have been able to make use of relaxed criteria on the allocation of research culture funding. These excess funds could be put toward the personal development of staff, in order to fully utilise, (and not lose) the funding before the end of the financial year.

Are you aware of any unspent training budget or Research England enhancing research culture funds that have not been allocated in your university?

Any available funding/training budget which needs to be used before the end of the financial year could be directed to the advance purchase of HEaTED course credits or towards running the NTDC Technician Survey.

The purchase of discounted HEaTED course credits, enables technical colleagues to allocate them toward attending upcoming courses online or onsite. The course credits are available to purchase in any number, at a discounted rate, making it a simple and cost effective way for your technical staff to book onto training courses.

The course credits are valid for 24 months from the date of purchase, making this a useful way to utilise your training budget in advance.

HEaTED courses include the following: 

You can read more about HEaTED course credits here or get in touch with any queries you may have: