Technician Partnership Conference 2022 – A day of collaboration!

By 18th July 2022 Blog

The Technician Partnership Conference 2022, hosted at Newcastle University, was an astounding success! Planned and executed by Mel Leitch (NTDC Director), Linda Robinson, (NTDC Specialist Advisor) and their team, the NTDC team had a great day connecting with new and familiar faces.

The team got to attend a variety of fantastic sessions run by people in varying roles across the technical sector and beyond. Here are some of our highlights:

Mel Leitch, NTDC Director, opened the day with a welcome talk for all delegates. 

Mel, alongside Linda Robinson, welcomed hundreds from the technical sector across the UK. 

We had an almost full-team trip to Newcastle, and it was great for us to be involved in the day and getting to speak to so many delegates from across the country. 

Left to right: Dr Sara Bacon, Jake Green, Savannah Lawson, Jared Carnie and Ollie Manton.

Caleb Wright, Deputy Director of NTDC, ran ‘Apprenticeships – practical tips on the end-to-end journey’. Caleb is the Apprenticeships Manager at the University of Birmingham and directly supports the NTDC in our Apprenticeships area. You can find out more about the support we offer here, plus see Caleb’s presentation, here. 

“Apprentices are a key player in our workplaces”

We saw Professor Candy Rowe talking about the importance of improving research culture at Newcastle University. 

Some quotes we loved from her session:

“Research culture can’t simply be changed top-down, it belongs to everyone”

“Exciting ideas often have long-term impact and increase innovation”

We really enjoyed Clare Stevenson’s session, where she talked us through her technical career progression, from Technician to Senior Management.

It was great to hear of the barriers she faced, how she overcame them, and what she’s gained on the journey.

Laurence Dawkins-Hall, NTDC Specialist Advisor, gave a great session on Professional Registration. It was great to hear from him and the feedback from his session attendees was excellent:

“It clarified a lot of the questions I had in a relatively short amount of time”

Click here to learn more about professional registration.