Midlands Innovation TALENT programme funds global tech opportunity

By 4th August 2022 March 20th, 2023 Blog

The Midlands Innovation (MI) TALENT programme is funding 20 places for technical staff across UK higher education and research institutions to take part in the YES (Young Entrepreneurs Scheme) programme.

YES is a global competition that spotlights innovation by raising awareness of how ideas can be commercialised. 

Participating technicians on the programme will need to form competing teams, which can be cross-disciplinary and multi-institutional. These teams are required to work together to bring a ‘viable, investable and ultimately successful’ idea to market by developing a business case for a start-up company. 

Applicants stand the chance of winning up to £10,000 prize by taking part in the competition, where they will have the opportunity to cultivate business acumen, develop enterprise skills, explore career options, and network with industry experts. 

Kelly Vere, Programme Director, MI TALENT, said: “We’re delighted to partner with YES to provide new experiences and professional development opportunities for technical staff, who make such critical contributions to our teams working across universities to deliver education and research outcomes.”

Kelly Vere, Programme Director of MI TALENT

Applications for the YES programme close on 25th September 2022. Online sessions that provide technical staff with the chance to ask questions are available on 10th August (14:30-15:15), and 24th August (11:30-12:15).

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