Apprentice Question Time Surgeries

Apprentice Question Time Surgeries – A chance for you to ask questions of a panel of people with a range of expertise and experience. This will also feed into the FAQs.

We plan to host the first one later in the year – further details will be available soon.



  • You may want to ask questions as a manager, or as member of staff wanting to take an apprenticeship for career development, as someone who wants to drive the development of a programme in your technical community, or as someone who wants to set up an apprenticeship locally but there is no Institution support available to do it.
  • You may want to ask practical questions across a range of topics areas which could, for example, include how to: 
    1. write a business case to get support for an apprentice, 
    2. identify suitable roles that could become an apprenticeship, 
    3. identify the best Standard, training provider and End Point Assessment organisation,
    4. negotiate funding and contracting with Training provider,
    5. manage apprenticeships on a day to day basis,
    6. manage poor quality provision from your training provider.