The current government apprenticeship scheme is employer lead, meaning the development and management of apprentices lies solely with the employer. The scheme is complex, but engaging with it is both rewarding and a key tool to building and developing the technical community. The NTDC offers a range of resources to help support institutions engage with the apprenticeship scheme, and has recently developed a Level 3 Technician Apprenticeship Standard.

Why do we provide this support?

Keele University, in partnership with HEaTED and NTDC recently ran a workshop on Technical Apprenticeship. What became clear was that whilst some HEIs have developed an apprenticeship scheme, often, though not always,  as part of an institution wide approach, others are still struggling to take this forward. This is not surprising, and the findings mirrored our perceptions.

The NTDC is in favour of a centrally supported programme where central expertise and support enables the development and delivery of local apprenticeships. The reality is, however, that for many technical communities, this is not happening. In many cases there is no support, and in many others a university-wide approach is less successful at enabling technical apprenticeships for a myriad of reasons.

Apprentice question time surgeries

These online events will be your chance to pose your questions to our specialist apprenticeship panel. We plan to hold our first event this Spring – please watch this space for more information!

Questions and topics may include:

  Writing business cases for apprenticeships
○  Identifying roles suitable for apprentices
  Identifying the most relevant standard, training provider and EPA
  Negotiating funding and contracting
  Managing apprenticeships day-to-day

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