Apprenticeship Week 8th-14th February 2021 – ‘Build the Future’.

We are excited to announce that the NTDC’s apprenticeship standard has now been approved – find out more below.

Filmed by Lloyd Halligan, edited by John-Paul Ashton.

Lloyd Halligan

Lloyd has completed a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Information Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University and talks about how his apprenticeship:

‘Opened up opportunities to pursue a career he has always wanted’.
Filmed and edited by Andy Metcalfe, Teaching Technical Team Leader.

Carlie Taylor

Carlie is a final year apprentice completing a Level 3 Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship in Applied Sciences at The University of Sheffield and talks about how:

‘Everyday in the lab is different, there is so much to do and you never get bored’.

Apprentice Case Studies

Hannah Beska, AMRSC RSci

Level 3 Faculty of Engineering Trainee Technician Training Programme
Duration: 4 Years
Apprenticeship with: University of Nottingham

Current Role: 
Technical Specialist for Physical Chemistry
Current place of work: Nottingham Trent University

“It’s not just a qualification, it’s lifelong friends and skills.”

Lloyd Halligan

Level 3 IT Technician Apprenticeship
Duration: 3 Years
Apprenticeship with: Manchester Metropolitan University

Current Role: 
IT Technician
Current place of work:  Stockport College (Trafford College Group)

“My apprenticeship opened up opportunities for me to pursue the career I always wanted.”

Carlie Taylor

Level 3 Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship
Duration: 2 Years
Apprenticeship with: University of Sheffield (in partnership with The Sheffield College)

Current Role: 
Final Year Apprentice
Current place of work:  University of Sheffield

“Everyday in the lab is different, there is so much to do you never get bored.”