Approved Methodology for Production and Processes

Here you can find up-to-date information from the World Health Organisation, Public Health England and other institutions regarding their approved or recommended methodology for the production of resources. Please note that this list is intended for signposting only, and appearance on this list does not signal the NTDC’s endorsement or preference for any of the specifications or techniques listed.

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02/06/2020 09:40

This guidance is of a general nature and should be treated as a guide, and in the event of any conflict between any applicable legislation (including the health and safety legislation) and this guidance, the applicable legislation shall prevail. It covers personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning and disinfection, laundry and waste management.

12/05/2020 14:30

Guidance for employers, employees and the self-employed. This document is to help employers, employees and the self- employed in the UK understand how to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping as many people as possible 2 metres apart from those they do not live with.

05/05/2020 09:04

The purpose of this direction is to specify measures that permit professional discretion so that individuals are protected and disruption is minimised, whilst safeguarding the quality and integrity of apprenticeships in circumstances where there is not a good reason for extending an apprenticeship.

04/05/2020 12:49

In this webinar, lead consultant Katharine Metters is joined by one of the UK’s leading health and safety lawyers, Dr Simon Joyston-Bechal. They discuss factors employers will need to consider, such as risk management, identifying and protecting vulnerable employees, implementing social distancing and other measures needed to maintain productivity while prioritising employee welfare as they return to work.

04/05/2020 11:08

German BioImaging recommendations for operating Imaging Core Facilities in a research environment during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic (endorsed by DGE, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektronenmikroskopie; DGZ, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zellbiologie; and DGfZ, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zytometrie).

28/04/2020 09:33

The Science Council have published a list of resources for members, registrants, applicants and other scientists and apprentices. This includes signposting to CPD and training for scientists, links to relevant up-to-date government regulations and advice for AGMs during coronavirus.

21/04/2020 13:42

Tebu-Bio are a distributor of specialty reagents and physiologically relevant in vitro assays, and are actively in contact with their manufacturers to produce validated products for Covid-19 research. Their team is mobilized (in accordance with local rules and recommendations) to assist and advise on the choice, delivery and use of your reagents.

17/04/2020 13:48

This document, kindly provided by Imperial College London, gives a template Microsoft Form and complimentary instructions that show an institution how to set up an internal volunteer scheme to support the NHS with additional laboratory skills.

15/04/2020 11:54

The CRICK COVID19 Consortium commenced on 19 March 2020 in response to the emerging COVID19 pandemic. The downloadable Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) provide a step-by-step approach to set up a diagnostic pipeline in an academic institute in collaboration with partner laboratories and hospital trusts.

15/04/2020 11:26

The University of Bath have published the specification they are working to when producing PPE for their local hospital trusts. Please note: The University accepts no liability for any risk, injury or damage caused by the use of these guidelines the user accepts all responsibility for using this safely.

08/04/2020 14:24

Temporary changes to the use and supply of denatured alcohol and duty-free spirits, to help businesses who produce hand sanitiser and gel.

08/04/2020 14:20

HSE is working closely with other government agencies, manufacturers and their trade associations to help ensure that they can continue to meet the increased demand for vital Active Substances. This page outlines derogations from product authorisation requirements in response to the disruption in normal supply chains to meet unprecedented and urgent demand during the Covid-19 outbreak.

08/04/2020 14:11

FAC Technology is continuing to develop and improve the 3D printed face visor. The CAD files have been uploaded to thingiverse and freely distributed for people to print and make as necessary.

02/04/2020 16:43

The World Health Organisation’s practical guide for use during the actual preparation of the formulation, including essential background technical information, important safety and cost information, and supplementary material relating to dispensers and distribution.

Recommended requirements for Propan-1-ol and Propan-2-ol

02/04/2020 16:43

Recommended requirements for the active substances Propan-1-ol and Propan-2-ol, for the purpose of derogations under Article 55(1) of the BPR.

Visit 3DCrowd UK For Specifications to Print Face Shields

02/04/2020 15:35

There are volunteers across the UK who are producing 3D printed Face Shields to help address the shortage of PPE int he UK during the COVID-19 pandemic.