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HE Assistant Technician Standard

Submitted for approval August 2019

The HE Assistant Technician Standard working group is led by the National Technician Development Centre (NTDC), an independent Centre funded by The Office for Students and the University of Sheffield.

Apprenticeship Standard 

The following Level 3 Standard has been developed as a collaboration between the HE Assistant Technician Trailblazer Working Group and the Simulation Based Education Technician Trailblazer Working Group.

The HE Assistant Technician Trailblazer Group, designed to provide a level 3 entry level apprenticeship, relevant to all research or teaching technical activities within HEIs, regardless of discipline, was approved for development in January 2018.

During 2018 the Clinical Simulation- Based Education Technician Team, based primarily within the NHS, sought approval for their Standard, however their Route Panel directed them to work with the HE Trailblazer working group, because of similarities in the occupations.

Merging these two groups and finding a way forward that met the needs of both groups presented some challenges, which we now feel have been overcome.

Our Standard has now been submitted to the IfA for approval.

Overview of the Standard

In summary:

The Core Duties apply to everyone taking the Standard.

Each HE apprentice will also cover Duties related to the HE Assistant Technician

Each SBE Technician will also cover the SBE Duties.

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