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A Round-Up of the New NTDC TechMeet Forum

TechMeet is a new forum run by the NTDC to share good practice, general discussions and back to work planning amongst technical staff during this challenging time. TechMeet #1 - 17th…
22nd July 2020

Job Listings

24th August 2020

Vacancy: Technician (College of Arts) at the University of Lincoln

10th August 2020

Vacancy: Imperial College London Electronics Laboratory Technician

8th July 2020

Vacancy: Senior Technician (Psychology) at the University of Lincoln

20th March 2020

Vacancy: Technical Skills Instructor in Aeronautical Engineering at De Montfort University

13th March 2020

Vacancy: Technician in Animal Behavioural Welfare at the University of Lincoln

24th February 2020

Vacancy: Safety and Facilities Manager at De Montfort University

21st February 2020

Vacancy: Laboratory Assistant at De Montfort University

19th February 2020

Vacancy: Technical Resources Manager at the Scottish Association for Marine Science

19th February 2020

Vacancy: Imperial College London Technician Apprenticeship Scheme