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Welcome to the NTDC Smart Mentoring Programme

Smart Mentoring has launched on 14th January 2021 and is a targeted, online 1:1 mentoring service using everyday technology, with no requirement for individuals or institutions to invest in any new software or hardware.

What is Smart Mentoring?

Smart Mentoring is a new resource provided by the NTDC in collaboration with Mentor Smart Club. It has been specifically designed to support technical staff, and compliments the other support offered by the NTDC.

These sessions may be one-off conversations to solve a specific problem, or a more sustained programme of regular sessions. Importantly, there is no travel required, which removes the need for accommodation or subsistence costs, and timings can be completely flexible. Time away from the workspace is reduced, and the learning opportunity maximised. This also makes the model much more environmentally friendly.

Smart Mentoring has been in development for over two years, but Covid-19 has focussed attention on the need for alternative methods of communication.

There are many areas of mentoring that you may want to discuss with your mentor. Examples could be about supporting your career development, managing difficult conversations and helping in the development your management practice.

We recognise that not everyone has a clear idea how mentoring will help them, therefore we have also added a short free session designed to help people explore how mentoring can help them before signing up for the full programme. You can click on the green button below named ‘Getting the best out of mentoring‘ to find out more.

*Please note that this mentoring programme is not for practical technical skills, please see the HEaTED website for examples of practical CPD for technicians – https://heated.org.uk.

Smart Mentoring Fees

For the Launch, we are releasing an ‘Introductory Offer’ for the first 8 applicants who join the programme will receive a further 10% off. This will be covered by the NTDC.

Member Fee* (x5 sessions) £445.00
Member Fee* (x3 sessions) £265.00
Non-member Fee (x5 sessions) £562.00
Non-member Fee (x3 sessions) £337.00

*Partner Affiliate and HEaTED members

Applicant fees after the first 8 receiving the introductory offer are as follows:

Member Fee* (x5 sessions) £495.00
Member Fee* (x3 sessions) £295.00
Non-member Fee (x5 sessions) £625.00
Non-member Fee (x3 sessions) £375.00

*Partner Affiliate and HEaTED members

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Getting the best out of mentoring
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A collaboration between NTDC and Mentor Smart Club