NTDC Smart Mentoring

What is Smart Mentoring?

NTDC Smart Mentoring is a new benefit coming soon to our Partner Affiliates. It has been specifically designed to support technical staff, and compliments the other support offered by the NTDC.

Smart Mentoring is a targeted, online 1:1 mentoring service using everyday technology, with no requirement for individuals or institutions to invest in any new software or hardware. It is useful as a standalone resource, but is also being developed to support the work of the Technician Commitment.

Partner Affiliates will be able to make 1:1 mentoring available to all of their technical staff. These sessions may be one-off conversations to solve a specific problem, or a more sustained programme of regular sessions. Importantly, there is no travel required, which removes the need for accommodation or subsistence costs, and timings can be completely flexible. Time away from the workspace is reduced, and the learning opportunity maximised. This also makes the model much more environmentally friendly.

Smart Mentoring has been in development for over 2 years, but Covid-19 has focussed attention on the need for alternative methods of communication.

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Being a Mentor

Mentors will be in two groups: professionals in the technical community, delivering specific technical skills; and education and training professionals, working in organisation and professional development. It is important to distinguish between mentoring for specific technical skills and mentoring for general personal development, such as team leading and time management.

There are many great reasons to be a mentor:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Helping people and organisations improve
  • Developing the wider community
  • Contributing your knowledge and experience
  • Collaboration
  • Developing new skills and practicing existing ones
  • Career development
  • Employability

Being a Mentee

As a mentee, you will be able to contact a named person within the NTDC to discuss your requirements in confidence. They will be able to advise you on availability, process, procedure, cost, getting started at anything else you may need.

Mentees will be encouraged to identify their specific needs and supported by mentors that are identified to have an appropriate area and level of expertise. This matching process will be supported by the mapping of roles to mentoring opportunities by the NTDC. The NTDC will guide you through the process of becoming a mentee, and you will be able to contact a named person to discuss your requirements in confidence.

A range of resources will be available for both mentees and mentors on how to get the most out of your sessions, available software and preparing, delivering and conducting a mentoring session.

For more information, including updates on mentor recruitment, please check back here or contact us at:

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