Smart Mentoring – FAQs

The images above are of our specifically tailored handbooks that you will receive as part of the programme.

What is Smart Mentoring?

NTDC Smart Mentoring is a new resource provided by the NTDC in collaboration with Mentor Smart Club. It has been specifically designed to support technical staff, and compliments the other support offered by the NTDC.

Why do we charge for Smart Mentoring?

With mentoring it is essential to get the basics right. The mentee must have confidence in the mentor, the mentor must be knowledgeable, experienced and highly skilled. The main failure of mentoring programmes lies in the absence of the above. Goodwill alone does not guarantee a positive experience as with any skill.

Would you trust someone with no car mechanical experience (a willing and enthusiastic volunteer perhaps) to change your wheels or service your car?

We use Professional mentors for this reason. It is their job, expertise and skill set. We can almost guarantee a positive experience. This represents real value for money and a much greater chance of bringing about positive outcomes. It is what they do very well!!!

How long is the Smart Mentoring programme?

Matching a mentee with a professional mentor will take a few days to ensure we provide you with the most suitable individual to meet your mentoring needs.

Mentees will then have the choice to complete the programme over 3 sessions, lasting for 3 months, or 5 sessions over 6 months.

How do I apply?

If you would like to enquire about becoming a mentor, you can click here to follow this link.

If you would like to become a mentee, click here to follow this link for the application form.

A collaboration between NTDC and Mentor Smart Club