How the TDM Toolkit can help fulfil your Technician Commitment

The introduction of the Technician Commitment is a significant step forwards in ensuring greater visibility and recognition for technicians in HE and we are excited to be a partner in enabling this to happen.

The TDM Toolkit was developed by the TDM team, in collaboration with project partners, to support HEIs in achieving a sustainable future for technical staff and services.

Below is an outline of some of the ways the TDM Toolkit and the team can enable you to fulfil the Technician Commitment.


“Ensure that all technicians within the organisation are identifiable and that the contribution of technicians is visible within and beyond the institution”

The Technician Skills, Roles and Responsibilities Audit Tool identifies and captures every element of a technician’s role, enabling institutions to provide evidence of contribution and impact.

Career Development Opportunities Tools provide guidance and signposting to opportunities such as networking, mentoring, secondments and work shadowing to help raise awareness and visibility of the profession.

In addition, the National Centre team’s engagement activities highlight the importance of technicians and the issues they face.


“Support technicians to gain recognition through professional registration”

The Career Pathways Tools delivers a technical role structure outlining expectations aligned to professional registration.

The Technician Skills, Roles and Responsibilities Audit Tool captures detailed information about professional registration and barriers to further engagement.

The National Centre team works closely with HEaTED and professional bodies such as the Institute of Science and Technology (IST) to ensure greater engagement with the professional registration scheme.

Career Development

“Enable career progression opportunities for technicians through the provision of clear, documented career pathways”

The Career Pathways Tool enables institutions to align to a nationally recognised role structure, providing individuals with the facility to plan a technical career route.

The Technician Development Framework Tool enables institutions to take a more strategic approach to technician development, including identifying clear entry points and opportunities for staff development.

CPD Central enables effective capture of professional development and CPD to support focused development, career planning and professional registration.

The Career Development Opportunities Tools provides guidance to support the development and improvement of CPD schemes.


“Ensure the future of technical skills across the organisation and that technical expertise is fully utilised”

The Technician Skills, Roles and Responsibilities Audit Tool enables institutions to capture detailed workforce data to support informed strategic planning and the management of skills gaps, including the identification and application of underutilised skills.

The Technician Development Framework Tool provides a how-to guide on strategic development and delivery of apprenticeships, traineeships and internships, enabling effective use of the Apprenticeship Levy to bring in new talent and develop existing staff.

The Career Development Opportunities Tools provides guidance on how to develop and retain staff. This is particularly useful to support staff who have previously felt isolated and unsupported.

The TDM Toolkit, through all of the activities outlined above, can help achieve sustainability by increasing efficiency and value for money for your institution.

Evaluating impact

“Regularly assess the impact of actions taken in support of the commitment to ensure their effectiveness”

The TDM Toolkit is not a static resource. The National Centre team will ensure that the impacts of the toolkit are continually reviewed through feedback and evaluation; updating the toolkit where appropriate. This will ensure that the toolkit continues to meet the ever-changing needs of the HE environment and assist institutions in fulfilling the Technician Commitment.