About The Survey

The NTDC’s ‘Technician Survey’ captures information on every aspect of a technical workforce, from their specialist technical skills to their future career plans and development needs. Each institution receives a bespoke version of the survey, specifically tailored to support and enable their strategic workforce planning, and help them get the most out of their technicians.

What Does the Survey Capture?

At the core of the survey is a Technical Skills Database, containing over 3,000 unique technical characteristics. This, along with their specialist experience, allows our expert team to guide each institution through the whole process, which includes:

  Tailoring the survey to your institution
○  Assisting with your communication and engagement strategy
  Running the survey on your behalf
  Providing access to the data and follow-up actions

Ongoing support is provided by our team from start to finish.

NTDC Skills Audit Pie chart

Why Should We Do The Survey?

For individual technicians, The Technician Survey is a chance to carry out some reflective CPD and make their institution aware of their skills and development needs.

For institutions, it allows them to identify upcoming technical skills gaps, unused technical expertise and areas of support and development that their technical workforce may benefit from.

The whole process also helps with the pledges made by the Technician Commitment, by raising the Visibility and Recognition of technicians and supporting their Career Development in a way that allows you to map out the Sustainability of your technical workforce going forward.

Find Out More

Get in touch! Whether you have any questions, or whether you’d like to arrange a free presentation on the survey, including an in-depth look at what it captures, and the process of preparing the survey at each institution, send us an email at and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.