TechMeet Events

What is TechMeet?

TechMeet is a new forum run by the NTDC to share good practice, general discussions and back to work planning amongst technical staff during this challenging time.

Next Event: TechMeet 12

Theme: Personal Development Reviews
With: Natalie Kennerley, Lisette Nicholson (Newcastle) and Karen Henderson (Reading)
Date: Tuesday 6th July 2021 | Time: 12pm

Previous TechMeet Events:

TechMeet Special
Carmel Grant, Varshini Rajkumar, Chris Turgoose, Caleb Wright and Karen Bailey-Smith


Session Theme: Apprenticeships and T-Levels

Apprenticeships & T-Levels Flyer

Technical Qualifications Carmel Grant Slides

T-Levels and Professional Registration Varshini Rajkumar Slides

Technician Apprenticeship Standard Slides

TechMeet 11
Angela Beddows, Stephen Wasko, David Featherbe, Chris Bacon


Session Theme: Technicians Supporting Digital Delivery

Technicians Supporting Digital Delivery

Angela Beddows Slides

Stephen Wasko Slides

Chris Bacon Slides

TechMeet 10
Laurence Dawkins-Hall


Session Theme: Professional Registration – Part Two

Professional Registration (Part 2) Flyer

Laurence Dawkins-Hall Presentation (Part Two)

IST Professional Registration FAQs

Science Council Information

TechMeet 9
Laurence Dawkins-Hall & Russell Wilson


Session Theme: Professional Registration – Tips and Support

Professional Registration Flyer

Laurence Dawkins-Hall Presentation

Russell Wilson Presentation

Questions and Answers from session

TechMeet 8
Matt Levi, Sarah Davies & Chris Turgoose


Session Theme: SMart Mentoring

SMart Mentoring Flyer

SMart Mentoring Details

Introduction to NTDC SMart Mentoring Presentation

Mentor Smart Club

TechMeet 7
Denise McLean & Katy McKenzie


Session Theme: Black History Month

Black History Month Flyer

Black History Month Report: The Diversity of Technicians in HE

Summary of Event

Presentation given by Katy McKenzie

TechMeet 6
Natalie Kennerley & Abbie Martin


Session Theme: Technical Networks

Technical Networks Dashboard – Coming Soon

Technician Networks on Twitter

Summary of Event

University of Sheffield First Virtual TechNet 29/09/2020

TechMeet 5
Mike Hughes


Session Theme: Opportunities from Covid-19

TechMeet 4
Gary Anderson & Mala Patel


Session Theme: Collaborative Teaching Laboratories

TechMeet 3
Lucy Hudson


Session Theme: Biology Covid-Secure Lab Preparation

TechMeet 2
Mel Leitch


Session Theme: Emerging From Lockdown 2

TechMeet 1
Kate Dixon


Session Theme: Emerging From Lockdown 1

John Lowndes operating machinery