TechMeet Events

What is TechMeet?

TechMeet is a new forum run by the NTDC to share good practice, general discussions and back to work planning amongst technical staff during this challenging time.

New dates coming soon!

Previous TechMeet Events:

TechMeet Special
Carmel Grant, Varshini Rajkumar, Chris Turgoose, Caleb Wright and Karen Bailey-Smith


Session Theme: Apprenticeships and T-Levels

Apprenticeships & T-Levels Flyer

Technical Qualifications Carmel Grant Slides

T-Levels and Professional Registration Varshini Rajkumar Slides

Technician Apprenticeship Standard Slides

TechMeet 11
Angela Beddows, Stephen Wasko, David Featherbe, Chris Bacon


Session Theme: Technicians Supporting Digital Delivery

Technicians Supporting Digital Delivery

Angela Beddows Slides

Stephen Wasko Slides

Chris Bacon Slides

TechMeet 10
Laurence Dawkins-Hall


Session Theme: Professional Registration – Part Two

Professional Registration (Part 2) Flyer

Laurence Dawkins-Hall Presentation (Part Two)

IST Professional Registration FAQs

Science Council Information

TechMeet 9
Laurence Dawkins-Hall & Russell Wilson


Session Theme: Professional Registration – Tips and Support

Professional Registration Flyer

Laurence Dawkins-Hall Presentation

Russell Wilson Presentation

Questions and Answers from session

TechMeet 8
Matt Levi, Sarah Davies & Chris Turgoose


Session Theme: SMart Mentoring

SMart Mentoring Flyer

SMart Mentoring Details

Introduction to NTDC SMart Mentoring Presentation

Mentor Smart Club

TechMeet 7
Denise McLean & Katy McKenzie


Session Theme: Black History Month

Black History Month Flyer

Black History Month Report: The Diversity of Technicians in HE

Summary of Event

Presentation given by Katy McKenzie

TechMeet 6
Natalie Kennerley & Abbie Martin


Session Theme: Technical Networks

Technical Networks Dashboard – Coming Soon

Technician Networks on Twitter

Summary of Event

University of Sheffield First Virtual TechNet 29/09/2020

TechMeet 5
Mike Hughes


Session Theme: Opportunities from Covid-19

TechMeet 4
Gary Anderson & Mala Patel


Session Theme: Collaborative Teaching Laboratories

TechMeet 3
Lucy Hudson


Session Theme: Biology Covid-Secure Lab Preparation

TechMeet 2
Mel Leitch


Session Theme: Emerging From Lockdown 2

TechMeet 1
Kate Dixon


Session Theme: Emerging From Lockdown 1

John Lowndes operating machinery