The Working in Partnership Technician Commitment Forum was created by Linda Robinson, Organisational Development Lead and Mel Leitch, Technical Manager, both at Newcastle University, in September 2018.  The forum recognises that Technicians as a group often have limited reach within Universities to implement change however by working in partnership with Organisation / Staff developers, they can be much more effective in implementing the changes needed to support the Technician Commitment. 

We aim to hold two meetings per year (February and September) in Newcastle to explore elements of the Technician Commitment and to share best practice.  Initially the forum was aimed at northern universities with each sending an organisational development lead and a technical lead. We are delighted that representatives now come from further afield including Scotland and Northern Ireland.  The value of attending these meetings is to engage and share best practice.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact Mel on


Our next Working in Partnership meeting is on Thursday 27th February 2020, commencing at 10:00 and closing around 15.15.

You can view the agenda here.